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Student Leadership

Winterburn School has committed to a new focus for our Character Education Programme.  We sought out something that not only helps our students get ahead , but also speaks to the qualities of character and values that we want our students to develop. We will be uncovering the Seven Sacred Teachings over the school year with projects and activities.  Our hope is that students make meaningful connections with each of the teachings so they live as contributing and connected citizens. 
Many schools and other organisations and communities have adopted the Seven Sacred Teaching, in one form or another, as a moral stepping stone and cultural foundation. Each community has adapted the teachings to suit their community values. They share the same concepts of  moral respect for self, each other and all living things.
The following are the Seven Sacred Teachings:
1.  Truth - The Turtle carries truth.   In order to develop a positive character, we must be truthful with ourselves and with others.  Since the beginning of time, the turtle has been chosen to be the bearer of truth and the basic truth of the laws of nature have not changed.
2.  Respect - Respect is the gift from the Buffalo.   We demonstrate respect by realizing the value of all people and things, and by showing courteous consideration and appreciation.
3.  Courage - The Bear carries courage.  We face life with the courage to use our personal strengths to face difficulties, stand tall through adversity, and make positive choices. We must stand up for our convictions and have courage in our thinking and speaking.
4.  Love - Love is the gift from the Eagle.  Love is a force that is undeniable.  Love knows no bounds. We must accept it sincerely and give it freely.  It is everyone's right to have and experience it.
5.  Humility - The wolf carries humility.  Central to the wolf is the family pack.  To ensure survival, the pack must be as one.  In one's life, much the same as the wolf, we need to understand humility.
6.  Honesty - Honesty is carried by the Sabe (Sasquatch).  It is from within and not to be confused with truth (law). We must first be honest with ourselves. This will allow us to be honest with others. We must give full value to both the efforts of our own and others. When we walk through life with integrity, it is then that we know honesty.
7.  Wisdom - The beaver carries wisdom.  Wisdom is not to be confused with knowledge. Wisdom is the Teaching we use to take all that we have learned and experienced on the land toward making decisions that will benefit all.
We encourage all our families to support us in this endeavor by bringing in these teachings into your home.