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Visitor parking

Our parent parking is located in the south parking lot of the school. It is admittedly very tight at dissmissal times. Please help us keep things moving by taking the following steps during drop off and pick up times:

  1. Do not enter the lot until a spot becomes available.
  2. Do not pick up or drop off students in the centre driving lane. 
  3. Use the right hand side for kiss and go only - this area is not for parents who need to get out of their vehicle
  4. Use the left angled parking spots if you need to assist your student to the school.
  5. Upon exiting, turn into the immediate 2 right hand lanes on 96 Avenue. If you are needing to go left on Winterburn Road please go through the intersection and do a u- turn at 217 street in the Secord neighbourhood to keep traffic flowing

The west parking lot is staff parking only. As these spaces are paid for by staff members, vehicles without appropriate EPSB tags may be towed at owner's expense.